Talking To A Mound Of Dirt

Talking to a mound of dirt
I have set out on an attack
you have taken away a childhood
I will never get back

Yet here you lay
all "rest in peace"
like you were so damn good

What can I say
you have sickened me
with those "so called" secretes
as a little girl , I never understood

But now that I am older
I look back and I can see
you were no more than a nasty old man
who should have kept his hands off me

So here beside your grave, while everyone is grieving
I am wondering how much of that so called love you "shared"
The good Lord was seeing

Yes I May be dealing with the shame
you put that shame on me
But shame on you dirty old man
I was still a baby

Oh, Hate fills my heart
I will never forgive you
You nasty, selfish, sneaky, pervert

I will survive
I am wondering will you?
I am sure you bound your spirit
when you broke the Golden Rule.

ucedwards ucedwards
Jul 10, 2010