It flows from my Heart; yet it's fill never diminishes
        as it speeds out of me
It grows in my heart; yet it has no limits or boundaries
        to restrain it
I cherish it within my heart; yet it is all for you and you alone

I feel it in my heart warming, comforting me,
empowering me and giving me strength
       I first felt it at the dawn of my soul; it is timeless, endless, beautiful, and free
It humbles me, inhabits me, while it seeks to seep from every pore
       It gives me peace, respite from the pressures around me

What is this thing that means so very much to me?
       What is this that carries my soul forth on wings lightly and softly?
What is this, you ask, my darling, my love, my wife, and my partner -
      my muse, my lover, my mentor, my friend?

IT my dearest, my soul mate, my ALL -

It is love for Thee!


headstrongheart headstrongheart
56-60, M
1 Response Jul 10, 2010

My love...this is beautiful, indeed.<br />
<br />
Your Penny<br />