Never Again...

I stare out into the night....
your aroma still surrounding me
I breathe you in and realize
From now on, this will not be.

For you will never come my way
This was the very last time
I shall miss you, every breath of you

I look up at the star filled sky
Wondering as I do
How will I live, what will I do
Without the wonder of you?

Suddenly , I feel the tears
Falling from my eyes...
I understand what I have done..
I've stopped all the lies.

No more hurried "I love you"s
No watching you search for words
No fighting back my bitter tears,
No rival's laughter heard.

I tried to love you as you were..
It hurt too much ,I fear
To watch you give you love away
Unsated with what was near...

I cannot hold you to me..
Without your full consent..
Your eyes on the horizon..
Full of longing and discontent

Yes..I will miss you, darling..
The tears now come in a flood.
I look down at my shaking hands..
Now covered in your blood.

I know not what will happen,
But this I know for sure...
To ever watch you strain the bit
Was too much to endure.

My heart forever weeping...
Watching you weave your dance
For someone you barely know..
Who you happens to give a glance.

I never would have been enough..
My love, my body, my kiss..
I never was..and it breaks my heart
To take your life like this..

I had no choice, my dearest love
You promised to be mine...
And now you shall...and mine alone..
Until the end of time....

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4 Responses Jul 10, 2010

And I know that you are acquainted with that suffering intimately....

Thank you, Orchid!! It was fun to write...but not fun to feel......

Thank you so much for your encouragement... :-)

Miss CV.... this is marvelous work! A story itself, but encased in the most eloquent, yet delicate words. This is an art, to write like this, and you, CV, definitely have a talent, nay, a gift for it!!<br />
<br />
I feel for the lady, i understand her woe...until i see the blood on her control the reader, and lead them down the trail...until springing the truth on an after-thought. Brilliant!!<br />