Don't Love Me.

Do not love me.
You don't know me.
you cant know me.
I wont let you.
I wont let you love me.
The feelings you have are not real.
You have to believe every word that I'm screaming.
I will never feel the way that you feel.
You can't love me.
I do not play this game fair.
I'm whole heartedly selfish without seeming to care.
I'll lie and i'll cheat. Sell the shoes off your feet.
As long as i still have mine to wear.
Like Mohammad Ali-
I'll sting like a bee
But float like a butterfly?
that just isn't me.
Not delicate and wont go with the breeze.
You can't love me.
I wont let you in
I wont let you see.
This alluring attraction
Get up off your knees.
You will never be able to love me.
My coarse jagged words will cut like a knife.
Like venom in my cruel elixir of life.
It will poison you.

Don't love me.

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1 Response Jul 11, 2010

fantastic..very sad and down on yourself as though you ve been hurt but toughened up..very emotive..well done.... and did you let him in?