Independence Day

Before this day I was shackled in doubt

Chained by the thought of inadequacy

My heart and mind a puppet government

Ruled over by the colonial power of insecurity

Rendered powerless by a repressive regime

You, my Paul Revere, showed me the root of my impotence

Not lack of goods, nor lack of might

But lack of faith

And so I dared to believe

That I could be free this day

Free to love and to be in love

You helped wage an internal revolution

Against the forces of oppression

And the loyalist sentiments supporting it

A revolution of the heart

Freeing me to hope and to dream again

Freeing me to chart my own destiny

You, my beautiful independence

I found my sovereignty in you

By the lake of my fantasies

Dreaming of liberty at a dessert bar

I found my sovereignty in you

On a street downtown in the night

Imagining a life of autonomy


And then you switched sides


So this Fourth of July is yours, not mine

You may rejoice, I must mourn


sleep140 sleep140
22-25, M
Jul 11, 2010