In Lust


She was so supple

so pliant

yielding control of her body

To me and only me

And I became drunk with control

Flipping her every which way

Testing the limits of her flexibility

Wielding the power of pain and pleasure

Like a knight in armor

And the bed was our battlefield

Inside was so tight and warm

Our bodies were designed for one another

 like a hand in glove

Like a key in a lock

And when I wasn’t deep enough

She motioned for me to push

Unlocking her ecstasy

And in that invariable moment

We became one in mind and body

I belonged there

in heaven

she belonged there

in bliss

we belonged there

in lust

sleep140 sleep140
22-25, M
2 Responses Jul 11, 2010

thanks. i read it and become depressed though.

wooooww love it !!