yes yes ,thanks im fine,
mustnt grumble,mustnt whine,
all is good, a little lack lustre,
nothing to get me into a fluster,
paint the smile and make their day,
make believe im bright and gay,
course im fine,you know me,
bordering on hilarity,
always smiling,always brave......
inside, quiet as the grave,
inside churning, silent tears,
pain from all the unspoken fears,
every day we paint it on,
until the folk that ask are gone,
on their way, their good deed performed,
while back to me,my mind deformed,
ask if you need help.. they say,
but they cant take this pain away,
i do believe with all this faking, no one can tell,my heart is breaking.............
dirtylaugh dirtylaugh
36-40, F
2 Responses Jul 11, 2010

That's a keeper! Never heard it before! Something original or what?....Cool ****.....

Aww. I created a group about that ( I Hate It When Politeness Is Just Indifference)but the way you put it makes it more emotional.