you are pure happiness on a lead
taking a day and romping through it

you take a bad mood and chew it into pieces
scattering it far and wide
in your galloping,madcap way

Diesel dog,you hear my secrets
with your ear cocked and an almost wise look
you come to me with your toys when i return
from the loo,or somewhere equally near

sitting on the stairs to be near me
so you re ready whichever direction i take
my blast of life in a bundle
cheek,love and trust all in one

you sulk when i cant take you to work
huffing like the wolf you once were
my Diesy  dog how was i without you
how can i be one day again..

Diesy, you are Bloody awesome and i love you mate...

dirtylaugh dirtylaugh
36-40, F
2 Responses Jul 11, 2010

thanks guys...

Feel the same with my cat. Earnest joy.