Blaming The Bully (dedicated To The Suicide Of Phoebe Prince)

She took their words literal
read it up in a periodical

it was a tragic death
her own hand took her last breath

accussed as a *****
unessecary shame she had to bore

jealousy isn't pretty
i view their doings petty

they live with the guilt
her pain they now felt

their the lowest of the low
they praise for mercy, bent knees to the flow

death is eternal
their deeds are unfogivable

she ended it all cuz she wasn't able
to take the hate, now that's believable

sticks and stones breaks the bone
and words cut through the soul

who's to blame? it's a catastrophy
Me? i blame the bully.

i wrote this poem not just to her suicide but also to others that felt that they couldnt deal. i should also hope that bullies and others that have caused others to feel inferior that even if no one else does, i blame you the bully. you should feel ashamed. your actions cant be taken back and the life that was lost because of those actions also can not be brought back.
deathblossom17 deathblossom17
18-21, F
Jul 11, 2010