Thank You....

Thank you for showing me hate.
For now i also know love.
Judging me as if to know
Where these feet have walked
& where this soul will go.
Do i make you sick?
speaking your mind that others are sh*t.
What we're working with are one in the same.
both with our hearts
& both with our brains.
two lips to speak and two hands to hold.
but you use yours letting your vocals unfold
into wicked games & shameful words.

degrade me with your eyes
hate only multiplies
Implying lies
where love once crept unabashodly in your heart.
Hate me.
I have the power to show you the good.
The beauty that you should see.
Your words can burn me to the third degree-
but i will never back down.
I will still see my own artistry.
War is the only thing hate is breeding.
War in our hearts & war in our blood.
Crimson words staining the blue river, blood.
Drowning peace in a thick heavy flood, blood.
Well this is my blood.
My love blood,
My peace blood.
The cruelity in your veins. stab me in the back blood.  
You're bleeding hatred.
you have nothing to gain.
No more tears need to be shed from the pain.
Its time we start crying for the awe inspiring
life altering happiness
our maker has given us.
So hate me.
Enough to know release.
Let me be your next conversation piece.
But when you speak from your mind
incorporate your heart.
knowing they are not as far apart
As you once thought they could be.
And I will thank you.
For hating me.
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1 Response Jul 11, 2010

i like the poemz! they r really good