[heal Me First] <3

Each night and day,I lay in bed Awake,
With this Sadness,I wish I could Erace,
Wondering when it all began,thinkning of it here
and then,Feeling like It'll never End...I feel
right,but then I don't,Wishing I could know,
Yet why do I go?,Knowing every answer,Yet coming
back with a Punctured Heart,questioning every
answer,wondering if Im right or not,coming up
with Conclusions here and there,But all I really want,
Is to run into your Arms! I Know your real,your the truth,
the light,But I just seem to keep walking,when thats not
right of me,When can I be [Free?],No doubts,no worries,
I want to give you my all,but...Im just so scared to fall..
If i run my feet hurt,I Want To,But...I need [Your] Healing First....
22-25, F
Jul 11, 2010