In Your Shadow

miles away from you and from your heart
you cry yourself to sleep thinking about him
wanted all the pain and trouble to go away
looking to me to put a smile on your face
resting your head next to mine as you dream
dream of better days not living with heartache
I live in a shadow as I wait for you to move on
move away from the pain and despair
you hold my hand tight never wanting to let go
feeling love and compassion in my soul
I hold you for the night, not speaking one word
everything silent but our deep breaths
we share a kiss and say our good nights
I smile as I walk away for the night
waiting to see your pretty face again
and to put that smile on your face
take your time and let your heart decide
I will be here in your shadow

Tekman84 Tekman84
26-30, M
3 Responses Jul 11, 2010

Honest words!

this is so pure and beautiful! :)

Thank you, a lot of my poetry is from past and present experiences