Realm Of Possibilities

~ Realm of Possibilities ~

Possibilities...seeds we plant thru choice
Into our soil of reality.
A summer morning breeze...stirring the cheek of wakeful gleaning
Makes us quietly aware of another voice;
Unplanted seeds with another life's meaning.

What about the realities we never get to know?
The flowers that didn't grow...
That deja vu avenue not taken...
The forks in the road forsaken?

The auction where we cast a different bid...
The seeds we didn't plant
The mantra we didn't chant...
Where are these flowers now?
Where once old memories hid.

Walking down a path,
We sometimes glance behind
And catch a winking glimpse
Of shadow that becomes mist.
There's recognition for an instant,
Then doubt creeps into mind.

The seeds that were never scattered...
The ones that seemingly never mattered
Are taking root in another garden.
Another you has seen them thru
Eyes that will never harden...
Golden, soft possibilities held aloft
By simultaneity.

Connifer/@Copyright 02/2003
Connifer Connifer
56-60, M
Jul 13, 2010