Seduced I Fold The Known

Seduced I Fold the Known
Showering the Bleeding Moments
To allow the Soul to Dance
carefully Caressed
to Uphold the Unfolding Unknown

To Notice a Moment of such a Wonder
Sometimes passed in Silence
Ghostlike bodies melting into skin;
Footprints evident to Existence
Shadow-filled heartbeats pounding Times into Lifetimes
For a split Forever Shared

Worlds weaved into a star-like Parlor
Breathing Heaven Empty of Angels
Licking Words upon peeling skin
Voice the Resonance of Sound
[moans and sounding breaths]
unto the dripping Void

between Being Alive and Living

To Fold the Known
and Reach further still


~ Skye ~
SkyeCebh SkyeCebh
36-40, F
Jul 14, 2010