Forever Blinded By Tears

I have lost again.

There is nothing to do.
You’re gone
and we’re through.

You took everything,
gave me nothing
except a broken heart.

All that’s left of me
are the pieces you saw fit to leave behind.

A broken heart
needs time to mend,
and this will take a lifetime.

All the things you said,
things you still do,
don’t they mean anything?

I have lost again
and love scoffs me in the face,
sneering at my soreness.

I have lost once again.
I lost the love I so dierly need.
I lost the man my heart yearns for.

I am lost

And if I stay this way
I’m forever blinded by tears
and never urged to try again.
Occeane Occeane
18-21, F
Jul 15, 2010