Moon Phase

 And they say

the sun comes first,

the moon comes after,

dark changes in-between


What they've seen

a living phantom has risen

cloud creeps up the mountain

rain sorrow on the peak


To hate a smile

flowers filled with laughter

charming mock of his woes

the world is so high

while his life is so low


Our Sun in the black lair

reap the phase of the stars

at night when spiders feed

the Moon washes wretched scars


He is the king of the lost

struck coma in the daytime

re-awakened by the night

hope renews hope

depression cripples life


The lyrics of the hologram

an illusion of the solar sphere

the Sun may kiss lovers

but the Moon keeps the lonely


And now what time

eleven forty five and fifteen until

at more cries

Phantom of the Moonlight

you chose hope over sacrifice

beckoning life beyond hope

and changing in-between


I finally see

The Knight of the Shadow

heart infinite as darkness

loyalty surrounding everything

like the world without light

The sword forged in love

but the tip dipped in spite


Invulnerable as the night

yet still guardian of the day

the Moon has come this far

it never burns as Sunlight

Rise...the Phase of the Satellite

AbandonedArchangel AbandonedArchangel
26-30, M
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