Let's be happy today
Flick the switch and throw it away
No one will remember, not for long anyway
Make a few friends and hold your head high
It's as simple as that
You just have to try
Up all night looking up ways to go
gnawed up knuckles, pacing to and fro
Every day a constant dumb show
"Gotta loosen up and stop the drama kid
Cos in the end, it doesn't mean a thing"
I know that you talk behind my back
how lazy and pathetic - said matter of fact
got soldiers by my ears waiting for an attack
Hallucinating from the fight
I might be wrong, I might be right
sick and tired of sleepless dreaming
Half given up on useless, future scheming
Just wanna run to let off some steam
And run and run till everything's clear
Just to get away from here
ForestSong ForestSong
18-21, F
Jul 16, 2010