Stranger In The Mirror

“Mirror, mirror on the wall

Tell me who’s the prettiest of all.”

A tale from my childhood tolls

Hanging in my memories, never could fall.


Mirror, mirror reflecting a picture

In your well built structure;

Forever you’ll be in the fixtures

For mankind to see their fractures.


Mirror, mirror bringing forth an image

To my eyes of myself on the stage,

Mending me like a mentor for ages

Revealing my face everyday, like a new page.


Changes, changes I saw as I grow

From innocence to adulthood, you did show

Like a screen of life an image glows

Capturing every bit, that stood before you.


Stranger, stranger in the mirror

As I gaze in closer and nearer;

Inside of me possessing a set of characters

With my image and the features of another.


Strange, strange though it be

Sheer imitations could you see

Of yourself striving to fit in different shoes

Gaping at the mirror in front of thee.


Mirror, mirror do I look stranger

Everyday as I grow older?

Or is it another story of ‘winners and losers’

In the game of life where I’m a puzzled player?


 Queerer, queerer is the portrait to my eyes

Shadows of failures, I failed to realize

Concealed in a mask of disguise

Reflections of regret, beneath it lies.


Swept, swept on life’s raging storm

Deceived by prejudice of my own esteem

Waging wars with my inner self’s wisdoms

Standing still and calm, though weakened I come.


Concede, concede to defeat is not my pride

The road of life is still broad and wide

Discontentment in life of losing the fights

Faintly glows in the mirror deep inside.


Past, past are the days lived, gone

To dwell in regrets is to take shelter all day long

Without unveiling countless unturned stones

Riding on in melancholy all alone.


Mirror, mirror acquaint me with my image

For the life to be lived on a new stage

Pains and gains yet to go in the coming ages

Battling the storms that would rage.


Set, set a-sail on life’s changing weather

Joys and sorrows ashore with my father and mother

Blown afar by the seasons like the light feathers

Myths of life, this is, o my brothers and sisters.
eljhard eljhard
26-30, M
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Thanks celiacalling, I drafted the lines a dozen times.