A Sunny Day

Waking up to a bright morning
Where the eastern gold is glowing
Heating up the land all the way
Warming the empty spaces, slowly gliding
And edge up a perfect lazy sunny day.
Nevertheless, young hearts wade in their passions
Chasing hard to reach their sets of visions
Taking a break, they could opt,
The old, alike stepping out from their mansions
Wishing to stay, when the sun is up.
But mankind is to toil in the day
For they have a meal to pay
A lot of zest to invest
To earn for a place to stay
When the heat rests in the west.
A sunny day, but life has to go on
‘Coz another day rain fall upon
Yet the passion induces to venture
Unto the visions through rain and sun
Until, it is peaceful with life’s weather.
eljhard eljhard
26-30, M
Jul 17, 2010