I Just Wanted To Try Poetry, Tell Me If It Sucks ;p

If the sun never comes back
as if the moon was on crack,
then let me tell you
that all I wanted is you,

And all I needed
was your pretty smile
if only you wanted
to lend it for a while,

For now I'll be strong
and listen to that song
that fake song of love
that fits us like a glove,

I know you loved another
and this guys so cool
so I didn't bother
and waited like a fool,

Now you have left
what a theft
damn that city
who took you away from me,

Be sure I'll be back
because I need to talk
if you ever come back
lets have a lovely walk.

nighthowler nighthowler
22-25, M
3 Responses Jul 18, 2010

Wow, that was amazing. You have a gift, and you should share your talent with others. Good job ;)

I liked it!!

I like the words hon. Keep writing and it'll evolve.