Spare Me

It makes me sick

To sit and read

These beat to death cliches

From people who don't heed

The warnings of mediocrity.

Poem after poem

Of repeated phrases

Thoughts never original

But continue to get praises

From students of mediocrity.

If I write at all

I'll have to try hard

Because every topic under the sun

Has been turned into lard

Full of the fat that is mediocrity.

This too should be cut short

Before it swells into a babbling blob

Of those hideous cliches

From some average slob

That was not spared from mediocrity.


Copied from my Helium account.
fascad3 fascad3
36-40, M
5 Responses Jul 19, 2010

Hey I'm new to this whole poetry thing... I'm doing my best!


*smiles at Puck*

I admire that you have come to terms with your sense of intellectual superiority and blatant arrogance.

Hehe no. I think your ability to be impressively honest with yourself probably aids in your creativity as a writer. A lot of people seem have nothing to draw from.<br />
<br />
Notice the helium note at the bottom - that is the first and only thing I've posted on that site. What prompted it was browsing their Poetry section... out came that poem.