She Walks...

"She" walks down them many many times day after day. Her smile as radient as the sun.
Her beauty cherished by many, envied by some...or so it seems...
Her outside "being" is what so many desire and some only dream of... And so she walks...down that hall many times, day after day and while she shines her smile and they take in her beauty- she crys, she screams! But not one sees her flowing of tears nor does one hear the echoing screams that come from her very own heart and soul!
For one would have to reach OUT to her and look deep, DEEP within her eyes to see the tears that continue to run and one would have to STOP and may-be even hold her to truly hear the echoing, the deafening screams that only come from her very own.....heart and soul !
Who is she?
Where is she?
Just look around-
"She's" everywhere......
changedbylove changedbylove
22-25, F
Jul 20, 2010