You are here, next to me
Happiness opens like an iris onto my heart
Out there light refracts and pulses in dim clouds of
blue gas-light,
deep in the midnight sky.
The trees hold out their secrets.

As we walk, the stars pulse
the blossoms take root and grow tall
into sheltering arbors.
Their arms release this early,
wasted beauty
that floats weightless and seems to levitate
all around us in the milky air.

Your eyes
reflect the trees, the shimmering noon,
and beyond that, the dark universe,
and in that darkness the evidence
of something neither of us can see:
a faint brightness, just the trace of flaming heat
lashing out into the cold space where nothing else resides
refracted in distant star-dust,
real, remote, light-years away.

IthinkIcandothis IthinkIcandothis
41-45, F
2 Responses Jul 20, 2010

Thanks Darlinsam. I didn't mean to write a sad poem, but I think this one did come out that way (to a certain extent). We do need to chat! I'll send you a message very soon. Hope you're doing OK too :)

That was great! I take it all is well with you? Hope so. We need to chat!