His voice calls out my name so warm and tender,
His lips are soft against my skin I must surrender,
His hands trace over my body in a light caress,
Words whispered in my ear leave me breathless,
I shudder from sensations I feel the heat rise,
Butterflies in my stomach from pleasure in his eyes,
His words so seductive Ecstasy burns like fire,
His mouth kisses my flesh tongues tangled in desire,
As he lays me down I'm captured by the passion on his face,
Raw emotions ravish me lost in this sensual embrace......

                                                                                                        By BloodRain....

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4 Responses Jul 20, 2010

ahem...s'cuze me for interrupting, but I must comment............. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that aroused my senses!! haha <br />
good poem :)

;D<br />
<br />
you can do whatever you want to me!!!!


****!!!!! this make my confession look like childs play :/ (which it kinda was hahaha)<br />
<br />
wuv you honey =D