I was reading about inventions that would destroy the world and nations that possess deadly weapons, the word 'freedom' struck me and made me thinking "Are we really free?".

What is freedom?
When our earth is a doomed kingdom,
When its destruction is planned ar random.
Can it be freedom?
When peace just bloom,
And mankind possess it seldom?

Human race is threatemed
By their own armor to strengthen
The security that's blackened.
Human race is advancing,
With a new age it is romancing,
A global crisis, it is facing.

Science and technoogy flooded in
Awakening the generation with a din
Bringing comforts and luxuries as our kin.
The world sailed to a brighter side,
When machines gave a glorious ride,
And mankind marvelled it with pride.

But a dark shaded fate intruded,
With toxic weapons fully loaded,
When science and technology exploded.
Unintentionally, mankind made an invasion
Shielding himself by disguised ammunition
And framing up the earth's extinction.

It would not be long
When the place where we belong
Would vanish with us all along.
Its destiny is enthusiastically written
By the hands that made our home a heaven
And our freedom, craftily stolen.

The world would be erased
From the solar system it had raced
With another great war it might face;
Blown off in space,
Leaveing no trace,
The glorious cruise missile race.

An invention through a vision
A decision leading to destruction.
When mankind possess such wisdom,
Can we term this as freedom?
eljhard eljhard
26-30, M
Jul 21, 2010