Pretty words spun round and round

The truth is yet to be found

I scream, I cry, I fall down

bloody and beaten to the ground

Hearts have been shattered, pieces lost

Never to be the same, what a cost

Was it worth the lies and hurt you caused

Did you ever stop or give a pause

And think of all invoved in this

Or did you let your selfishness

Tear worlds apart that were once a dream

This nightmare is full of screams

Tattered, torn, and on the ground

That is where I can be found

Put strength is building, ever so slow

As the puzzle pieces start to show

All the players in their true light

I want to be the one to strike

And hurt you like you've hurt me

But then no better than you would I be

So all your secrets I will keep

Yes....they are starting to seep

I know more than you know

But to my grave it will go

I will rise from this stronger yet

on that one thing you can bet 
ShatteredOne ShatteredOne
Jul 21, 2010