When is it time to run and hide?
When is it time to curl up and cry?
Why is there never time to say
exactly what we think?
When is it time to sit and ponder,
thoughts unhindered,
wants unsquandered?
watching across the silver line
as light reflects your life

If I step out of my life - Just for a while
I can sit and think of you and smile
Wish I was with you,
Wish you were here,
Wonder if you think of me too.

I know your intentions were good and true
I know your emotions were closed to you
I know you meant nothing of what you said

But none of that stopped you
Setting up camp in my head
When my mind drifts on the crest and swell
I wish I'd been stronger
Stayed hidden as well
I wish I hadn't opened my book to you
And read you a story I wish weren't true

Why would I suppose I were of consequence to you
A man without limit to what he can do
When he believes in himself
Allows his mind to roam
He leave his intentions at the side of the road
But he doesn't, does he?
He hides behind laughter
And smiles which fade
He lies alone in the darkness
Remembering promises he made
To the man he once was
When he was you long ago
When you looked at me fondly
And smiled with your eyes
You took me in your life
And we ran for a while.

When I step out of my life
I remember you well,
The glint in your eyes
As you struggled to tell
Of the things your soul yearns for
You tear through your threshold
And open your mind
My God it's amazing to finally find
A smile is returned
As my breathing grows shallow
I push thoughts of sailing
And finding the rocks
to the back of my mind
as the memory shocks
me back to the moment
Your eyes on me
Like you've seen for the first time
The thing you most feared
And honesty standing
In front of you now
You look once again, take it all in,
Your hands grasping slowly,
On the edge of the abyss,
You take that first step,
As you follow my lead
Your words are long distant
I forgot to breathe.
PaleAngel PaleAngel
31-35, F
9 Responses Jul 21, 2010

Thanks brigitta..... I'm glad it had the desired effect...... not just my emotions stirred. :o)

That's a beautiful poem PaleAngel, and very touching...evoking things even in my past ...times of so many things...thanks for posting this..you're talented:)

thanks 8foot...... breathing is sometimes difficult, crushing.<br />
<br />
The words come in fits & starts.... hopefully they will smile soon.

just breathe<br />
<br />
and keep the words coming - what a precious gift you have in poetic ex<x>pression...wonder-filled

i know what u mean i use to write a lot before and i stopped for a good while but now its all i can do to keep from going crazy now adays ha ha

Thanks 4ever..... x Used to write a long time ago - but less nowadays, though the words are coming again. :o)

OH MY I LOVED IT its really good u have a way with words

*blush* thanks. Glad you liked it.

WOW! (I mean that in a good way)