Behind the smiles & laughter,
That have become your mask,
Twists the face of no-one - with eyes strangely black,
The death of that piece of your broken soul,
Have drained your very passion
For life & love, your goals.

You know you need to gesture
To the future far away -
But the mask won't hold it's place now.
The looking glass must be faced,
The demons laid to rest -
Time your greatest foe.....
You've hidden all the clocks!

Peace & solace longed for,
Rest & a warm embrace,
To look into the mirror
& vaguely recognise your face,
With all your smiles & wisdom,
That long ago did wane -
with at least a glint of hope;
Oh to see it once again!

You glance down at the mask resting
By your greying hand,
The life blood slowly ebbs,
Running from your veins,
Search & hunt - it's hiding,
In the recesses of your heart,
In a corner long forgotten,
Your machismo just needs a jump start!

You don't know if you're strong enough,
To face the world without
The mask that has protected you,
Hidden your soul from harm.

Can you really do it?
You ask the blackened eyes,
Can you hold your nerve
As the eyes bore into you?
Deep breath - count to 10 -
Let the tears subside,
The rolling, wracking yearning,
To **** right off & hide.

1 step at a time,
Leave the mask behind,
The colours slowly bleed through you,
Bright emotions flood your mind.
Gold & silver daggers
Gently stab your soul,
You walk on coals of promise
As you open that last door,
The rusty hinges succumb to
The new found strength to pull,
Against the chains that bind you,
As you release the last lock,
The air smashes your face,
Against the world you hated,
The life you allowed to fester,
Returns with startling vigour,
The mask sit silently dying,
Replaced by the hat of a jester.
PaleAngel PaleAngel
31-35, F
1 Response Jul 21, 2010

written for a friend. x