This Sickness That I Fight

This sickness I fight,
Trying to Give it all my might,
Keeps me back each day and day,
Checking if it won't spread ,on to those who don't pray,
This sickness that I Fight,
Makes me give in,
It drags,and drags,
I scream out to him everyday!
But all it does is cause me pain,
This sickness that I fight,
Lets me go to those
to make me seem right,
I make choices everyday,
but they always end up being mistakes,
I'm losing myself,
I'm going crazy!
This sickness That I fight,
Is all I have,
I treat it like a Normal day,
but it feels like I give it all my might,
I try and try,
I may just give it up...
This sickness that I fight, Lord,
I'm giving it to you,
Lift my face,
I can't take the pain,
this world has nothing to offer,
so I'm giving you this sickness that I fight,
I'm reaching out to your light,pull me out of the dark!,
Signed your's truley,
P.S Please, heal my heart....

22-25, F
Jul 21, 2010