The Passing

The air was cold and damp. The sky a dark crimson. The wind bit down to my bone.

I walked, alone, curled into myself and contemplating my own misery. How alone I feel and cruel the world is.

Looking down at my shoes as they become covered in that wet slush of ice. Bleeding through to my toes. So typical, so much like my life. Alone and cold and wet. Only to fade into nothing.

Then the voice. Looking up I saw nothing. Just the wet dreary crimson fading to black.
It came again. The voice is so delicate.

Turning I see a dream. She is something like I have never encountered before.
Her hair seems to be haloed by flames. Her face is like that of a goddess. Eyes a deep blue that pierce my soul.

She comes closer to me. Every step my hearts races faster. My breathing shallower. She still comes closer. My world spins.
She speaks in that voice again. The voice of the heavens. My meager life comes to standstill.

She reaches and takes my hand. The heat of her touch sends me to the heavens. Amongst the stars I float with the gods of times gone. She must be an Angel. No woman can have such an affect on a mortal man. I have been amongst women and not one can do this to me. Yet, she has done just this.

Her scent is that of which the purest of roses. Her touch is that satined silk. Her voice is that of which only the heavens can produce. Can any mortal man such as me stand such a beauty?

Her lips. Oh, her lips. How they move so delicatly. The music they empart. Her scent, her touch, those radient eyes. How I so desire to be lost in those eyes.

My world has come to end. A new life amongst a godess Angel has begun. A life that I have only dreamt of.
I search my heart for the words. They are not there.
I search my soul and find a welcoming phrase. A phrase I desire to let her know how she lifts me beyond this world.

My lips fail me. This goddess Angel passes me. Her scent lingers around me. Her touch leaves my hand. Her warmth still courses through my very being.
Her eyes leave my eyes, and I am lost. The darkness closing in around me.

The cold bites into my bone. The crimson sky has yealded to blackness. I look at my feet as I ponder my existance and this cruel world.
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Thank you.

Oh my. That sent shivers right through me.<br />
Truly, really beautiful.<br />