As a child I use to spin in circles in till I was dizzy and then fall. I would always know I was going to fall yet I would still spin. now as an adult it feels as if my life is spinning. I can feel myself getting dizzy but yet I cant stop, I scream cause it seems to be the only thing to let everything out. but yet, I can still feel the pain of the world on me. I cant seem to slow down the spinning, so I close my eyes to see if that will help with the dizziness. when I close my eyes I see nothing yet I feel the rush of the spinning. and for once I feel free, as if I could hold out my arms and fly to a different world, but then.....I fall. and wonder where I have fallen now?
4EverFree2Bme 4EverFree2Bme
22-25, F
Jul 22, 2010