The Wheel Of Life

One day i walked upon a path.
That give me a Kick right up the A_s.
I played a game it was real bad.
I think that maybe i was sad.

I heard the constant screams of mankind,reaching out to touch his destiny,
but i think he should look westerly.
For their you will find the Gods of old.
but you shouldnt be so bold.
Youl travel down beneath the Earth.
Where youl experience rebirth.
Youl find Isis Osirus and Horus to.
Youl see lots of Spirits and not know what to do.
Would you kill yourself when they come for you.

But remember ressurection youl find in the East.
because thats the place you can shake off the Beast.
When your reborn,youl find God.
then youl know you have been a s-d.
around again just like the Sky,
off to the West were you will die.
back up again  reborn in the East.
Is there any release?
I noticed years ago these things.
I studied the knowledge the Angel sings.
The wheel of life spins round for man.
He must addapt the best he can.
because one day you will find.
Youl open your eyes and you wont be blind.
Youl see the things i talk about,
but keep it quiet do not shout.
for they find out in there own time,
I cannot find another ryhrime.
Something to go with coincidences.
Except pounds shillings or maybe pences.
Is it money that makes the world go round?
I spent some time chasing the pound.
I ran from Demons and fell from grace,was expelled from the human race.
Into the Abbyss i faced the Devil and there decided to repell him.
Was ressurected from the Dead as i lay there upon my bed.
I saw God face to face. Was let back into the human race.
The Egyptions wrote about it in Hyroglifics,The scientist say that its not scientifics.
What do scientists know they are sad,its them that say that i am mad.
They think they know about it all,the speed of light and gravitys fall
The distance from the Earth to the Sun,but i know on Pluto i can have fun.
And take him down to the Abbyss.Where you will find that he will miss.
Youl not be dead youl be alright, but you would have had a fright.
youl rise again into the East.where there will be a Great big feast.
A celabration in your honour, because your not a gonner.
Coronzon666 Coronzon666
46-50, M
Jul 24, 2010