Said a seagull one day to the ocean," What strange language you speak! What murmurs those waves to you?"
"They speak," replied the ocean,"of all they've seen and been. Taken from me by the sun,they dwelt in the air.
They fell from the sky to merge with the earth and nourished the limbs of the Kingdom of Plants. They've quenched the thirst
of the Kingdom of Man and coursed through his veins and cells to sustain life. They've been returned to me by tears of a
young girl's broken heart, the loss of countless dreams,the return of man to the earth....with many stories of the beautiful
alchemy of their lives. So let them speak, they have much to tell,and, if you listen well you may get a glimpse of
the infinity of you."
binaryillusion binaryillusion
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Thanks to both of you, this happened because I was up at 3am one morning..lol

Excellent! Your imagery is flawless.