Elephant Stampede

~ Trouble Afoot ~
It was
A total mess.
I'll have to sue
To get them
To confess.
Trunks strewn about;
And every movement
Of foot often tells
There must be a ton of
Peanut shells.
Now where would I
Find a place to stay?
And who the hell
Painted my walls gray?
I should have
Thought twice
Before I called
To get rid
Of my mice.
So that's my plan...
To get one of 'em
On the stand.
And I can be sure
As our attorneys confer,
The judge won't believe
If the witness
Tries to deceive
With "I do not recall."
Now my home
Is in tatters
And, thinking back,
All that really
Is that I never
To all the hurricane mess
Of an elephant
Connifer/@Copyright 9-98
Connifer Connifer
56-60, M
Jul 25, 2010