Thought Love Was Dead, I Guess Not

Thought my love was dead,
I knew you could see the stains
The blood and rust on those chains
You gave me a new life, For so long I prayed
You gave me faith, Faith that you were the one to fill my heart.
And I still believe its true..
My hearts over flowing, I stay knowing you are my true mate
Trusting like I have never have before.. You can ask any other..
Trust was never my best trait, I knew it was fate!
You have restored me to my true self again
Like a personal Jesus, Took away my sins
I can see it myself.. and I know my friends and family do too
Im a brighter, stronger person, Knowing that I have you, to protect, love and hold above
Knowing that I have the power to save this caged dove, and Set her free
Was more motivation I have ever needed..

My love, our Adventures are already great..
Our story has just begun.. and Already.. it is so long
With you is where I belong,
My love, My heart is exploding
When Im with you, Im overdosing on your love
And when your gone, The withdrawls are unbareable
A withdrawl no rehab could tame
An overdose that no hospital could treat
The only treatment is you being here
not for me.. but for us..
I strongly believe nobody can love you like me
Im no perfect man, But Ill do the best I can

We have so much to teach to each other.
So much balance we can place on each other
My love.. I want to feel your pain, I want to be there when you feel nobody else is.
You know the love I have for myself is ****.. And it makes you upset..
But thats one of the many reasons I have you.. You love everything I hate about myself..
You have given me colors since you first held my hand again
I believe I can brighten yours
Nobody is perfect.. But I think together.. We both can be..

My love, I see your beauty everyday, Inward and outward
But Little you know.. You are so blessed with Beauty,
Inward and Outward, You insult the artist who made you, and My judgement..
You can make the most beautiful places on earth look like ****..
And your soul shines brighter than the sun itself..
And when I see you cry, I see you so upset over beauty that you wish you had..
But You fail to understand.. Its impossible.. Your Jar of beauty is full.. People would kill to be as beautiful as you are.
if you were anything different.. You would No longer be Erica Faith..
My Erica Faith.. Your eyes Lie to you too much.. Why dont you try using my eyes? :)

I have always been afraid of being old.. I wanted to die before I hit thirty..
Now I feel Like I could grow old, wrinkly and break hips with you!
I want to be those happy old couples walking the beach holding hands and still young in spirit..
Im more than positive that I want you to be my old granny of a wife! because I think were supposed to be..
And when we die.. We can meet in our next life.. And hopefully God isnt real.. otherwise.. Will have to make a Romance in hell!
I love you!
ShallowDreamers ShallowDreamers
26-30, M
1 Response Jul 25, 2010

Why thank you! this means alot.. But unfortunately this girl kind of screwed me.. But... she did teach me to love again.. :D