I don’t want to hide it
It’s driving me insane
But my heart beats faster
When you say my name
I’m crazy in love
But just tell me now
If your love is gone
I’ll take it somehow
I’m in denial
I’m in disgrace
But I can’t help it
I want more than a taste
I drew roses for you
But it wasn’t enough
I can see that now
It’s gonna be rough
So forgive me for dreaming
For wishing on a star
For wanting forever
When we didn’t go far
I didn’t want to hide it
It drove me insane
And my heart beat faster
When you said my name
But it’s all over now
It’s dead in the ground
My head just throbs
The way my heart used to pound
happysarcasm happysarcasm
13-15, F
1 Response Jul 25, 2010

WOW. I absolutely love it. You portrayed the emotion very very well and the rhyming is just great. Good job.