The waves come crashing over me,
I cannot find my feet,
I struggle, thrash & close my eyes,
Waiting for defeat.

I lose the will to fight it,
I sink & suffocate,
I accept the truth once hidden,
The hatred disapates.
It turns inside & eats my soul,
Devours each morsel as I go
further sinking, slowly choking,
The last breath from me.

I see their smiling eyes,
I hear their laughter clear,
I know these senses are gone now,
But the memories are always near.
As the cold water cleanses,
My heart begins to fail,
Haven't the strength to breathe,
Let alone to wail.

Inside the monster feasts,
But allows the pain to roam,
Through each muscle endless,
searching for a home.
My heartbeat, it is failing,
Therein the pain shall stay,
For even if I see you,
This pain won't go away.

My feet are touching rocks now,
On the oceans floor,
The monster has dragged me under,
To where the sunlight is no more.
I float helpless in the darkness,
Waiting for the end.
Where did I go wrong?
When did I lose my friend?

PaleAngel PaleAngel
31-35, F
3 Responses Jul 25, 2010

The joy of EP is you can share anything & everything Artsy. Be brave! Really...... the release at seeing the words on something like this site is amazing. Very cathartic :o) x

Thanks. I'm glad I could share it. x

Having a hard time breathin after reading that! well done,very inspired!