From Pressure Applied To Joyous Release

Everyone has advice, words of wisdom now,
They are all telling you how to feel,
What to do,
Where you went wrong,
Where you went right,
Until the words are all you hear when you turn out the lights.
You smile & you nod, say you know what they mean,
But you don't understand - how can it be so clean?
They love you & mean well,
Of this there's no doubt,
But they don't know your thoughts, or the scars on your heart.

The words unlikely come through the crowd,

You'll cry, you'll feel awful,
You'll want to hit out,
You'll torture yourself over ifs & buts,
You'll blame yourself,
No matter what.

But as much as you're scared,
Feeling lost & alone,
(And this is the way you will feel for some time),
It will lessen a little,
Day by day,
The tears will dry up slowly,
Until they go completely away.
So accept that for some time
You may need to cry,
To shout, to be angry,
Accept this feeling of turmoil inside.

But as someone who doesn't really know you at all,
I've seen the dark place & promise -
You will break through the wall.....

To sunshine & smiling & laughing & love....
Not that I'm mushy -
just being honest with you.
I know that it's hard,
But please heed my words,
It's worth it, I promise -
For the other side rocks!!
PaleAngel PaleAngel
31-35, F
1 Response Jul 25, 2010

And immediately into the path of a thunderstorm..........<br />
It's a risk.<br />
Is it a risk worth taking?