You sit alone on the bathroom floor. 
You're drunk father's banging on the door.
And you're scared.
You wonder what's waiting out there. .

You're black and blues are covered up in lies.
The teachers know  it when they see your eyes.
And you're there.
Tryin' to get a breath of air.

You gotta face it on your very worst days.
You're so lost and everything is a maze.
And no body helps.
You're all by yourself.

You look up screaming oh god why?
You're aching throat is like a lullabye.
Mom used to sing.
It means everything.

You get an answer like a brand new sun.
He overdosed and can get out and run.
Far away.
There's nothing left to say.

You wake up and it's just a dream.
You feel your heart tear at a seam.
You're hurt.
Face planted in the dirt.

And just when things can't get much worse.
You're baby brother's riding in a hearse.
You sit and cry.
It makes you want to die.

You pick up a bottle and you can't wait to see.
You're baby brother and your dear mommy.
You'll take ten.
You'll never have to hurt again.

But the doctors get you just in time.
God has another plan in mind.
You're full of hate.
It seems like there's no escape.

The doctors also notice the scars and signs.
They also see through the pain and lies.
They'll set you free.
Just like you wanted to be.

And finally you're out on your own.
You can't believe how much you've grown.
You've spread your wings.
You're onto big and better things.

And then you see him with a perfect smile.
You're heart beats at 100 miles.
He's sweet and kind.
You love him out of your mind.

He treats you right and loves you all the time.
He loves  you, you're always on his mind.
Things are sweet.
Blossoming in the summer heat.

In 12 months he pulls out a ring.
In that moment you see everything.
Not an eye is dry.
You're heart just touched the sky.

There is a such thing as a happy end.
Broken lives can always mend.
Give it a chance.
It'll be hard at first glance.

But you can do it even if it's hell.
Keep pushing through it until you hit the well.
Water will wash you clean.
And then you'll see everything.

For what it really is.
And what you want it to be.
Don't lose your faith.
Just wait and see.

absolutionist absolutionist
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 25, 2010

A Very strong poem written in iambic-pentameter ...I think!<br />
<br />
You have expressed yourself very well...<br />
<br />
Hope all is working out for You.<br />
<br />
Keep in touch....OK?<br />
<br />
SheIsTheOne SITo