I awake from my slumber,
A grin on my face as though a child’s first taste of candy,
A peaceful pure joy I have never before experienced,
I feel I am blessed,
All this from a gaze of a stranger in my dream.

I held him close to my heart; felt his heart beat against mine; with mine,
His tiny little body that fit perfectly upon my hands,
His slippery smooth skin that felt tender against my palms,
I feel accomplished if his my own,
All this from a baby I bore in my dream.

His eyes were bright brown and seem to emit a shiny glimmer in them,
As we met I felt an instant connection as though I already knew him,
I knew I loved him from his first cry,
He made me comfortable, with who I am,
All this a glimpse of the future from my dream.

This baby I carried; this baby I love,
I have been afraid before for whom I would call my son; my blood,
Now worry eludes me as I know all that is wrong with me will fade in comparison to the love I have,
I can hardly contain myself; I know you will come,
All this to assure me am worthy; a dream nevertheless.

Nyeusi Nyeusi
22-25, F
Jul 28, 2010