Your Kiss.....

Come here,my love
Let me kiss your sweet lips...
Your presence makes me melt
And crave your closeness

My arms circle your shoulders
My lips brush yours lightly
The exquisite pleasure of you
Beckoning to me

Your lips hold heaven
My tongue longs to taste
Tracing them slowly, sensuously
Relishing your breath

I suck in your lip
And my heart pounds mightily
The sweet taste of you, love
Intoxicating me

My passion wins out
And I lose myself in you
Drinking in your sweetness
Merging into you

You are all
My entire reality
I need nothing more than you
Nothing else exists

You are moon
Sun, stars and earth
You are sustenance, you fill me
And are my very breath...

My hungry tongue
Devours yours, dearest
And my soul finds its home
In you and your kiss...

calistoast calistoast
6 Responses Jul 28, 2010

Thanks, Kaybea1 , I hope the ob<x>ject of my affection feels the same way!!!!<br />
<br />

Thanks, Joe....I hope it hits it's mark and the person it was written for responds favorably.....<br />
<br />

,.,Love it,.,Muah,.,-)

Indeed he is, Chief..... :-)<br />
<br />

Thank you....I wrote it for someone very special.....<br />
<br />

Quite beautiful...I love it! Such a beautiful poem, and such expresssion! My dear Krista, this is marvelous!!!