The Torrent

Our bodies touch, lying naked and entwined
Our lips meet; our souls intertwine
My arms around you, pulling you tightly against my chest
Your arm around me, carressing my back

As the passion builds, our breathing gets raspier
Our hands play gentle over soft skin, and our mouths make love to each other
My heart pounds with love and desire as I clutch at your soft derriere
And your wetness confirms your desire.

Hands and fingers, lips and tongue
All working to give you release.
You arch you back, you moan and cry out
Telling me of the rising river of lust and passion that is building.

I make love to you, slow, then fast, deep then shallow...
I make love to you like there will be no tomorrow
I make love to you... Mind body and soul...
As the river of passion rises and pressure behind the dam builds rapidly!

You are speechless, yet every sound you make and every spasm of your body
How much our sex is being enjoyed...
The flashes of your eyes, smoldering with lust
Your body shows me that you still want more... more... more.

I redouble my efforts, pounding and sliding, fingers curling and reaching
Your voice singing moans of pleasure and cries of lust yet unsatisfied...
I touch you just so, and with little movement you climb higher and higher in your
Lust-filled intoxication
You cry my name, you beg me please, to bring you to the top of the cliff
And push you over...
Again, I stab you with my tool,again I press my flesh into you deeply and urgently
Again I take you higher... the flames builds,
the fire roars
And I know you are teetering on the edge.

And then, with nary a push from me, you race to the edge of the mountain
And jump off into the nothingness of climax
The dam, so overcome by the flood behind it, can no longer hold
And the torrent is unleashed in the valley
It floods everything, gushing and pouring forth of it's own accord
And the release of it takes you away, to another dimension of pleasure...

I love this torrent, it is sweet and pure. No danger does it bode;
For it is simply your love in liquid form
And your passion flowing freely between your lips. I search your face, and see nirvana in your eyes... peaceful and distant,  I love your face when you jump over the edge.   I share each moan, cry, and convulsion you feel And I feel them too, in my own way...
And marvel at the beauty of your face,
and the power behind the torrent.
headstrongheart headstrongheart
56-60, M
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Thank you, emovamp! I really appreciate your comment! But, no, the only place i publish is on EP...

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vat was amazingly written ..

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