And They Told Me

"Look both ways," they told me
"And never cross on red."
I was four, so I did what my parents said.

"I'm never wrong." She told me.
"And don't forget to make my bed."
I was seven, so I did what my sister said.

"Study hard." They told me.
"And annotate that book we read."
I was 14, so I did what my teachers said.

"Take off your clothes." He told me.
"Then go lay on my bed."
So I did what I always did:
Exactly what he said.

Obedience has its place
But it should not be spread.
Because those who follow every order
Are the ones that end up dead.
Goldenpoet820 Goldenpoet820
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 28, 2010

I like this poem. It has rythm, it has a message and it is heartfelt