Of Years And Rears And Other Fears

It seems that I've hit middle age
Or maybe it's hit me. 
The volume of my years and pounds
Both climbed so rapidly!

I worry more about the weight
Than I do about my years. 
Yet I am not yet sufficiently 
Motivated by those fears. 

I have to try to get a grip!
I must get off this ego-trip. 

I have to get a full-length mirror
And nakedly confront my fear.
(and then confront my spreading rear!) 

Unless I WANT to be sooner dead,
I have to stop this increasing spread
Of a** & thighs & arms & gut.
45 describes both my age and my butt!

I am a mom, and I deserve this scold.  
I am just too fat and unfit to get old. 
Unless I want to die with tasks unfinished,
I have to see myself diminished. 

Put down the food and pick up the pace
Look in the mirror and squarely face
The truth of disturbing, fat reflection. 
Time to take a new direction

Past the fridge and out of the kitchen. 
Get my body moving and quit my bitchin'. 
Use my wisdom and love and rage
And do my damnedest to reach OLD age.

-- SleepyMom. 07/26/10     
SleepyMom SleepyMom
41-45, F
1 Response Jul 29, 2010

Great story. We're friends, but I never get the time to talk to everyone. You are such fun. I read your stories and poetry and it is great! The one above is so me. I was heavy when I was that age and I had to feed my children, plus everyone they dragged home from school, day after day. I am not quite as large now. Maybe a 16 on a good day. Now they are gone, but would love to see them everyday again. Some live close, some live far away. We see each other often. I am going to see my eldest son for the first time in over a year. We are going to Naples, Florida for Thanksgiving!!!!! He is in law school down there. He was in Ann Arbor, Michigan, then the school, yes, the entire school moved to Naples, FL. Can hardly wait to see him and his wife and their kitties. See ya!