I sat beside a wooded stream and let my mind wander away.
to other places, other times, that lead me here today.
And sad surprise did overtake me when one thought came to bear:
All of life's roads that I have traveled haven't lead me anywhere.

In the end I gained no profit from the lessons that I learned,
I only have the memories of those things for which I yearned.
In relationships and romance, I have only loved and lost.
And what I lost as a result of those, they were not worth the cost.

The cost has left me empty, and so destitute in ways
and I shall never now recoup the loss, but only count the days.
And days all pass so quickly now, from which nothing is to show.
Except an aging body, which is bending now, and slow.

The days of youth behind me, they fade rapidly from sight,
What were bright days of summer, turn to winter and to night.
Snow gathers on the mountain, all in white now it is fringed,
the face of which is forever scarred from the hard years that it cringed.

But the grandest of the mountains crumbles away into the sea,
and as with all things natural, it shall happen too with me.
And without a penny in my pocket, and no love to call my own,
I am content to sit here quietly, near this stream, and be alone.

northguy northguy
46-50, M
1 Response Jul 29, 2010

I enjoyed this verrry much