These Walls...

over the years,
during the hurt,
i have built up towering walls...
walls that protect this fragile heart.

these walls made up of bitterness, and anger
sadness, and pain.
Fear and doubt.
they've done well at keeping others out.

my walls crumble at your gentle touch
where they once stood strong.
while others have tried to bring them down with all their strength,
they have never been truly

I quickly fall into you.
only knowing the harsh sting and burns
of cuts and bruises left by the rough surface,
you catch me off guard with a soft place to land,
catching me on the way down.
kissing the scars,
the damage from previous injuries.
taking away whatever burn remained.
Its as if they were never there.
Good as new.

Im taken away by you.
Loving everything about you.
just the thought of your face, your name, your voice, your touch,
brings a calm over me.
an ease to my breathing, a warmth rushes over me
and my heart aches
just to have you near me.

Youre all ive ever needed without even knowing it.

I count down the days until i can be in your arms again,
in your safe embrace.
until i can feel you around me,
hear your voice in my ear.
Until i can feel the warmth of your soul meet mine.

And until then i patiently wait
longing for you to come back home.



i wish you could look inside my heart, then you would know how much love and happiness you have given me

just be brave, just listen to me
your heart gives mine reason to beat now

"and the stars fell out of the sky, and my tears rolled into the ocean. Now i'm looking for a reason why you even set my world into motion. 'cause if you're not really here then the stars don't even matter. Now i'm filled to the top with fear that it's all just a bunch of matter. 'cause if you're not really here, then ...i don't want to be either. i wanna be next to you" Black&Gold
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Jul 30, 2010