Forbidden Friend

A silent lover watched in tears
he wished away the years
watching the one he love be abused
by the only friend he ever knew
biting his tongue when her tears came to him
giving her the courage to love again
never knowing if she would love him
his passion never ebbed away
his silence deepend every day
and while he wonderd if he should leave
his broken heart and dream
she dreamed of him in peaceful sleep
wondering if he could ever want her
but peaceful still in her slumber
if she never let him know
she could never hurt him enough to make him go
and while the two kept there love hidden
circumstance made it forbidden
and every day and year that passed
the void grew stronger
and new complications always arise
and now that they both want each other
she wonders if she can have him
and still keep her honor
but her broken heart still on the mend
she refused to let him in
and if he goes he wont come back
if she stays what will she loose
now she abuses herself
and he still watches in pain
hoping shell come to him
before the first frost stills her away
lvtd lvtd
4 Responses Jul 30, 2010

thanks yall I really appreciate the input it isnt often people like my poetry its nice when they do

Very somber but a good point.

so nice - thank you for sharing

i love this poem