The Journey Within

~ Heart's Oasis ~
In the depth of my being,
Feelings and memories
Not like twisted rope,
But freeing...
More like fence and vine.
Gentle whispers
That remind me
Of a journey so long
I sit quietly,
Transfixed by their song.
Companion breezes
That renew me,
Stirring the meadow...
Wandering on a whim.
I'm called to rest
In my heart's tree,
A bird perched on a limb.
I softly inhale
From the leaves of remembrance
All the things that were,
All the things that stir
Every blade of my being.
This tree of respite
Is my heart's oasis...
Knowing without seeing,
Growing with delicate graces,
Spurring simultaneous flights
To my most distant places.
Such a voyage within
Is recharging,
Even when the air gets thin.
Soaring in the song
Of solitude,
Find your heart's oasis
And bask in everywhere,
Everywhen you've been.
Connifer/@Copyright 01-2000
Connifer Connifer
56-60, M
Jul 31, 2010