When I Write Poetry

I have written poetry ever since I was a child. It is just how I express my feelings. There are no specific format to it and the words flow freely from my heart.

Since March 2009 when I was diagnosed with bipolar, there was one big blow to my creativity. I find it hard to express my feelings lately - especially on paper (or computer). The words just don't feel right to me. I've always been a creative person and now the medication puts a lid on it. I miss that part of me: I use to draw, write, create but I will find a way to get that back with the medication. I just need to delve a bit deeper. It is still there.

Poetry for me is an extension of who you are and what you feel at a specific moment in time. Not anyone may understand it. It is a love for words, creating a message from the heart for those who have something to say.
Alera Alera
36-40, F
2 Responses Jul 31, 2010

Thanks for the advise - will keep it in mind and try it! :-)

well, my advise is to keep on reading poetry books, read novels, romance novels are good at wonderful words. The secret is to never let your mind go into rot. Your brain will catch up once you keep on reading and then sooner or later, words will sink in and you will be back again writing and being creative. <br />
you'll be on your way soon