the turmoil wont leave you,
Drowning in the tainted view,
walls closing in,
And Like acid under the skin,
It burns,it scars,
And no matter how far,
You travel to get away,
You can still feel the poison in your veins,
It becomes so normal,a great cost,
You realize this ,but it just makes you feel even more lost,
And the people around you,can't put there finger on,
where the sun behind your eyes has gone,
And when you do try to explain,
You try and stop them from holding on to your pain,
And while your letting go,they hold on tighter,
You become the petrol,they become the lighter
it becomes just a matter of time,
Before you lose the balance of the walked line,
Find the faults in the positive ,and the cold in the warmth,
You see the dark in the daylight,and what, used to be a threat from the torn
Pulls you in,don't resist,
don't you want the mind chaos to be the norm?
Too late,and so now be consumed,
Into something you always knew,
The deluded,now included,
leaves nothing at all to be concluded,
The faded accepts your fate,and now,
So do you,as you light goes out.
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Aug 1, 2010